Three Reasons to Earn An MBA With a Concentration


Earning an MBA remains the gold standard for preparing graduates who are ready from Day 1 to take on leadership positions. Earning an MBA with a concentration can raise that standard even higher, giving students expertise in their chosen industry and making them even more attractive job candidates.

Messiah University offers an innovative MBA program that gives students the option to choose a concentration that best suits their talents and interests. Graduates from the program learn the theories and strategies that drive success in their chosen field, while also supporting them in developing ethical leadership skills that can transform organizations.

Learning the intricacies of specific fields allows graduates to take on the most challenging and rewarding leadership positions in either their current or future industries.

Why Choose an MBA with a Concentration?

For students who already know what industry they want to work in, MBA concentrations offer them significant advantages. Most people who enter the program are working professionals who already have positions in their chosen field. The concentrations allow them to learn the skills they need to take on leadership roles.

Most MBA programs with a concentration have two phases. In the first phase, students learn business principles and best business practices that are the hallmarks of a general MBA. In the second, they focus on business skills and issues related to their specific field.

The advantages of completing an MBA with a concentration include:.

  1. A Deeper Understanding. By focusing on a specific industry, students learn about the current issues and policies that impact their specific organizations. They also learn the best leadership strategies to guide a business, given the circumstances in that industry.
  2. Better Chance at Dream Job. If a working adult knows they want to stay in their current industry but aspire to leadership, then an MBA in that field helps make that dream much more likely to happen.
  3. An Advantage Over Competition. Other people will have that same goal of attaining a leadership position. By earning an MBA that focuses directly on their industry, graduates will have an advantage over other job applicants and will be much more marketable.

What Concentrations Can I Choose From?

Messiah University offers an online business administration program that gives students a variety of concentrations to support their success in many different careers. They include the following.

Dietetics: This MBA prepares nutritionists to lead in medical, government, community and business settings, taking a lead role in how food and nutrition is used to ensure the health of individuals and families.

Healthcare Management: An MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management prepares graduates for leadership positions in the exploding field of healthcare management, with the strategies needed to successfully guide healthcare organizations such as hospitals, clinics, private practices, community centers and assisted living facilities.

Digital Marketing: As more marketing efforts shift online, the Digital Marketing MBA concentration gives graduates the specialized knowledge they need to excel across industries. This includes social media and mobile marketing, two of the fastest growing areas in the marketing business.

Management: Ready to get on track to the C-Suite? Students in the MBA with a concentration in Management program learn the latest theories and strategies to guide organizations through the challenges and opportunities of the modern business world. 

Strategic Leadership: In this concentration, students learn how to align business operations to meet organizational goals. This includes both processes and people and focuses on developing mastery in such areas as how to lead change, develop leaders and empower teams.

Earning an MBA with a concentration in the field of your choice provides an advantage when seeking a job in your chosen industry. It also better prepares you to lead in a competitive environment with knowledge of both the latest business theories and the ways to apply them practically to achieve real-world results. Why choose Messiah University for your 100% online MBA? Some reasons include: 

  • Practical courses that provide immediate value to your workplace
  • Faculty who serve as mentors
  • Extensive networking and career development opportunities

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